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Our Projects - Past & Future

Our Projects - Past & Future

Mt. Zion One-room Schoolhouse

In 2012, the Historical Society began the ambitious endeavor of moving this one-room schoolhouse from it's former location on Ironshire Street in Snow Hill, Maryland to it's current location at the Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum.  

The school was originally built in 1869 near Whiton, Maryland, where it was used until 1931.  It then stood empty for nearly 30 years before Superintendent Dr. Paul Cooper had the building moved to Snow Hill.  In 1964, it was furnished with 19th century furnishings and was opened to the public as a museum.


The idea to move the school to Furnace Town came from Board member, Barry Laws after a visit to Sanabelle Island, where there's an old village like Furnace Town.  He thought that the schoolhouse would generate more interest if it was located with a larger historical museum.  Furnace Town was in operation between 1828 and 1850 and the building structure was very similar to those at Furnace Town.  The one-room schoolhouse was only attracting 300-400 visitors per year at its Ironshire location, compared to the Furnace Town Museum which sees nearly 15,000 visitors a year.

After raising $95,000, the 15 mile and 5 hour journey of the move began November 12, 2015.  The roof was removed and the building was jacked up and placed on a flatbed trailer for the haul to it's new location.  Upon arrival at Furnace Town, the roof was reinstalled and a foundation was built and it was once again furnished as it would have appeared in 1869. 

In 1905, there were 110 one-room schoolhouses in Worcester County. Today there are only two which are open to the public. The other is the Sturgis One-Room School in Pocomoke City.

To visit the schoolhouse, see it at the Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum at 3816 Old Furnace Rd., Snow Hill, MD 21863.  Check their website for their hours of operation.

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